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Asia Pacific screen printing exhibition highlights review

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NB Model Oval Printing Machine

A model launched to raise the bar of cost-effectiveness for oval printing machines.

Cnding H8 Oval Printing Machine

The classic Printing Machine.A solid base ensure a solid chassis, The vertical lifting net frame ensures accurate positioning. Its reputation and sales have been perfect since it was sold.

Cnding H9 Full-Servo Oval Printing Machine

A nice impending Full-Servo Oval Printing Machine.The brand new frame structure, the dual-drive and four-gear motivation system, the dual-cylinder rise and fall system on the printing limb, the spring steel on the printing limb. Provide you with the most efficient operation experience. More

Cnding H18 Oval Screen Printing for Shoes Machine Parameters

Applicated for unique screen, slurry, flocking, pressing, water slurry, paster, UV ink, thick plate, pull print, glitter printing, etc.


  • Spreading Projection

  • Infrared dryer

  • Automatic Pressing Machine

  • Automatic Dust Collection Machine

  • Automatic Flocking Machine

  • Film Locating Machine

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