1. Focusing on the digital printing, the oval printing and digital printing machine are highly combined together.
2. High definition industrial printheads, grayscale printing technology application.
3. Build-in print head capping system and automatic clean system.
4. Liner motor and metal scale, high speed, high quality and high stability.
5. No more printing frames. More convenient and efficient.



Counter number 30
Power voltage 380V;50HZ
Power 20KW
Gas(L/min) 80
Printing area 60cm*80cm
Length of equipment 1248.8
Width of equipment 425
Height of equipment 170
Weight of equipment 7600
Production 42cm * 29cm;350pcs/h
QIY 10+12
Type of Printing Head High definition StarFire industrial printheads;High accuracy Ricoh G5 printing head
Jet Printing Acuracy 605*1200dpi
Cleaning method Auto-Clean
Moisturize Method automatic Moisturizing
Textile Material All kinds of Natural Fabrics, Man-made Fabrics, Nylon and Ch emical Fiber

T18 Digital Printing Machine

Print head 8-12 Richo G5 Printheads/ 8-10 StarFire 1024 Printheads
Printing Size Up to 70*90cm
Applicable Fabric Pure cotton, dac
Ink Type 4 color pigment ink
Dimension 250*150*180cm
Weight 900KG
Electricity 220V,50HZ
Temperature&Humindity 18℃-30℃, humidity 35-65%
Production(A4) Standard Mode:8head2pass;450pcs/h
Precise Mode:8head3pass;400pcs/h
Ultra-precise Mode:8head4pass;350pcs/h
TEL 400-068-7879
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