H7 Full-Automatic Oval Digital Printing Machine


一、Digital printing,promote production.
二、High accuracy Ricoh G5 printing head,screen printing accuracy reached 605*1200dpi.
三、Full-Auto printing mouth clean system, reduce blocking frequency.
四、Windows System, smart operation, high effective, safe production.
五、With dryer position for printing head, improve effection of equipments.
六、Many times printing with one color at same printing head, save quantity of printing heads, reduce times of fix location, improve effections.
七、Removable dryer, smart control for drying time.
八、Every position can be cooperated with press machine, flocking machine, easily move to get differences arts.
九、Servo Motor, low cost, high enviroment protective.



Counter number 30
Power voltage 380V;50HZ
Power 20KW
Gas(L/min) 350
Length of equipment 1248.8cm
Width of equipment 425cm
Height of equipment 170cm
Weight of equipment 7000kg
Production 42cm*29cm 180pcs/h
Textile Material All kinds of Natural Fabrics, Man-made Fabrics, Nylon and Ch emical Fiber
Printing Area 60*80cm
Type of Printing Head high definition printhead ,SG1024-pL
Jet Printing Acuracy 605*1200dpi
Clean Method Auto-Clean
Moisturize Method automatic Moisturizing
Traditional quantity of printing heads 6PCS
TEL 400-068-7879
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