Infrared dryer

1.The best partner for the elliptical machine
2.Easy to operate, stable performance, dual power intelligent operation, outstanding energy saving effect


Infrared dryer Type:60*75 Type:60*75E(Dual Power)
Tube Infrared Ray Carbon Tube
Voltage 380V
Max. Electricity 16KW Long Tube:16KW Short Tube:7.8KW
Tube Parameter 590mm x 1.3kW x 12 Long Tube: 590mm x 1.3kW x 12 Short Tube: 360mm x 0.7kW x 11
Power Plug-in 32A/380V
Control/Function 1.Adjustable Heating Power 2.Independent ON/OFF Switch for every tube 3.Manual/Automatic Mode
Max. Heating Size 60*75cm 60cm x 75cm & 30cm x 70cm
Dimension 1180*640*900mm
TEL 400-068-7879
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